Proactive Disclosure

The public has a legal right to access information held by the South Australian Government, through the Freedom of Information Act 1991 and various government mandated reporting requirements.

Freedom of Information Statement

This statement is published in accordance with subsection 9(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (Act). Subject to certain restrictions, the Act gives members of the public a legally enforceable right to access information held by the South Australian Government. A comprehensive introduction to freedom of information can be found on the State Records website.

Structure and functions of Defence SA

Defence SA is South Australia’s lead government agency for all defence-related matters. The agency’s goal is to facilitate the growth of Defence and sustainable defence industries in South Australia in accordance with South Australia’s Strategic Plan.

To achieve this goal, the agency is focused on delivering the Government of South Australia’s commitments to the Air Warfare Destroyer project, as well as capturing further defence work in the four defence sectors: maritime, land, aerospace and systems.

Defence SA is also striving to ensure the right climate for defence industry growth, and is working with a number of partners to deliver results for industry in the areas of workforce development and innovation, in particular.

A Chief Executive manages the operations of Defence SA, which is structurally aligned to the delivery of the required functions and is organisationally represented by the following business areas:

  • Defence and Industry Attraction and Development
  • CUF Operations
  • Corporate and Government Relations
  • Corporate Services

The Defence SA Advisory Board provides strategic and policy assistance to the Chief Executive and Government of South Australia on defence-related matters.

Public Participation in Defence SA

The main opportunity for public participation in the functions of the agency is through project-specific consultation programs managed by Defence SA or by third parties on behalf of Defence SA.

Description of the kinds of documents held by Defence SA

Documents held by the agency fall broadly into the categories described below. While most are available in hard copy, it should be noted that some are only available electronically. The listing of these categories does not necessarily mean all documents are accessible in full or in part under the Act. The categories include:

  • Corporate files containing correspondence, memoranda and minutes on all aspects of agency operations
  • Policies, procedures and guidelines prescribing the way various projects and programs are to be performed
  • Legal agreements
  • Personnel files relating to the agency’s employees
  • Accounting and financial reports relating to the running of Defence SA.

Making an application

In accordance with the Act, applications for access to documents held by the agency must:

  • Be made in writing – you may choose to write a letter or use the application form.
  • Specify that the application is made under the Freedom of Information Act 1991
  • Be accompanied by a $34.25 application fee (exemptions apply for Members of Parliament and pensioners or health card holders)
  • Specify an address in Australia to which information can be sent
  • Clearly identify the documents being sought or the matter to which they pertain
  • Specify whether the documents contain information of a personal nature, and
  • Specify the desired type of access to the document, such as inspection of the document at an arranged location or having a copy made.

Applications under the Act should be forwarded to:

The Accredited FOI Officer
Defence SA
PO Box 3643
Tel: (08) 8463 7140

Defence SA received 19 Freedom of Information applications in 2014–15. All applications have been determined in accordance with the Act. 

Procurement Practices Policy

The Procurement Policy for Defence SA aligns to the Procurement Framework established by the State Procurement Board. 

Overseas Travel

The SA Government is currently moving towards providing a single Annual Report for the State. As a part of this process Premier and Cabinet Circular PC035 has been revised to require agencies to make information related to overseas travel publicly available via the website.

To allow adequate time for receipt of charges and reconcillation of costs, information relating to overseas travel will be posted two (2) months after the traveller(s) return to Australia.

For all overseas travel disclosures prior to May 2015, please refer to published Annual Reports.

For travel disclosures from May 2015 to January 2016: Click here

For travel disclosures from February 2016 see below: