Land Integration and Innovation Centre

Collaboration and innovation are greatly improved when resources are collocated in a single purpose-designed facility: a Land Integration and Innovation Centre, situated within a larger Land Systems Precinct.

It is envisaged that the Land Integration and Innovation Centre will be a controlled environment in which all elements of the Land Combat System are operated on a continous basis as a single system. The centre will have the capacity to realistically simulate the challenging conditions of the modern battlefield.

As a result, the 'landworthiness' of the entire Land Combat System can be maintained over the force generation cycle. It also enables the development of innovative solutions to new challenges encountered in the field.

The centre will be managed by Defence and staffed by both Defence and industry experts, drawing upon existing capabilities while leveraging new aquisition programs to invest in greater capability over time.

This work will complement that of the nearby Defence Science and Technology Group and the original equipment manufacturers of the individual components of the system.

The focus of the centre will be on a single critical task: keeping the Land Combat System at the cutting edge - integrated, optimised and ready for battle.