Defence Sector Economic Performance

Defence is a core element of South Australia’s economic development plan, forming the foundation of our advanced manufacturing future.

Defence-related employment and revenue in South Australia have steadily increased since Defence SA began performance surveys in 2007-08, particularly in naval shipbuilding and defence-related electronic systems and communications, which align with the ramp-up of the Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) project.

Defence sector (combined Department of Defence and industry) employment was 28,666 in 2012, up from 26,882 in 2010-11, exceeding the milestone goal of more than 28,000 jobs by 2012-13 in South Australia’s Strategic Plan.

State-based defence companies earned defence-related revenue in 2012 of $1.95 billion, a slight increase over 2010-11 ($1.8 billion). The industry is estimated to have contributed about $1.01 billion to the state economy in 2012, up from $972 million in 2010-11.

The latest performance survey shows South Australia remains on track to achieve the defence targets in the state’s strategic plan – to increase defence sector employment to 37,000 and deliver a $2.5 billion annual contribution to the economy by 2020.

More information: South Australia’s Defence Industry Performance 2012 

For further information please direct all enquiries to Julie La Rosa, Executive Director Strategy, Skills & Intergovernmental Relations at Defence SA. Tel: +61 8 8463 7142 or