MOU signifies advancement in rugged technologies in Australia

South Australian system design and manufacturing company, APC Technology has signed an agreement with leading UK specialist, AISH Technologies, which will drive significant expansion of expertise and advanced manufacturing of rugged computing solutions for Australia.

Through its partnership with AISH Technologies, APC Technology will diversify its product offering to supply a range of rugged equipment and systems designed to perform and endure harsh military environments in line with the demands of next generation defence projects here in Australia.

Managing Director of APC Technology, Scott Begbie said the commitment and sharing of expertise by AISH Technologies will undoubtably aid in the transformation and growth of its South Australian operations.

Plans are in place for the expansion of its manufacturing facilities with expectations of tripling in size within the next two years and the workforce projected to double in size as a result of the expansion and contract wins.

“As a leading rugged technology provider, we recognise the wealth of knowledge and advanced manufacturing techniques AISH Technologies has to offer in the development of diversified military hardware.

“With defence representing a significant percentage of our business and growing, the MOU provides opportunity for collaboration, knowledge sharing and capability development allowing us to deliver sophisticated equipment technology for the expanding needs of the Australian military industry.

“This includes our contribution to notable national projects SEA 5000, SEA 1000 and Collins Sustainment which will also influence future global partnerships and alliances secured by our business,” said Begbie.

One such distinctive product developed by AISH Technologies is the Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system for submarines and surface ships. It works by generating an electrical current in the seawater around the hull, cancelling out the galvanic currents that can cause corrosion to vessels.

“Our purpose-built facility in Poole England has the facilities and technological infrastructure to carry out advanced manufacturing techniques. Partnering with a like-minded organisation such as APC Technology to achieve similar capabilities presents exciting opportunities for us in the Australian industry,” said Matt Osler, BDM, AISH Technologies.

With the defence industry expected to grow at an annualised 5.6 percent over the five years through 2018-2019, to $37.6 billion1, development and investment will be crucial to ensure supporting businesses are capable of meeting the advanced requirements for the sector here in Australia.

With a number of submarine and defence projects within the state and nationally, APC Technology Chairman, Hon Kevin Scarce believes the MOU will be a game changer for the business.

“The defence industry moves rapidly which is why it is vital to evolve business expertise to effectively deliver sophisticated technological innovations that meet the advanced requirements of projects both domestically and internationally.

“Being part of the journey at APC Technology to date and witnessing its incredible journey and growth in the defence space has been extremely rewarding, “ said Hon Scarce.

APC Technology regards strong leadership, sophisticated skills and a committed workforce to its businesses continued success, evolution and stability.

“Today we are more agile, more customer focused, more profitable and more innovative than ever. The future is looking bright as we cultivate pathways forward that maintain our position at the forefront of rugged computer solutions for defence and industrial customers globally,” concluded Scarce.

APC Technology together with AISH Technologies are exhibiting at the Defence SA stand at the 2019 Pacific International Maritime Exposition from 8 – 10 October in Sydney.

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