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Nuclear-powered Submarine Program

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As the first major initiative of the enhanced trilateral security partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States (AUKUS) announced in September 2021, the Australian Government intends to acquire at least eight nuclear-powered submarines. These are set to be built at the world-class Osborne Naval Shipyard in Adelaide.

Nuclear-powered submarines have superior stealth, speed, manoeuvrability, survivability and endurance compared to their conventional counterparts. These submarines can deploy unmanned underwater vehicles, while also carrying more advanced and greater capacities of weapons. Collectively, these abilities will allow the nuclear-powered submarines and Royal Australian Navy to operate in contested areas with lower risk of detection.

The Australian Government has established a Nuclear-Powered Submarine Task Force which will work over a 12 – 18 month period with partners in the UK and US to develop a program to bring into service. Opportunities for Australian industry participation are expected to range from capability design to complex project management, to construction and sustainment.

Established in February 2022, a South Australia Government Submarine Taskforce chaired by Defence SA will support the federal planning of the program, to deliver an optimal pathway for the submarine program keeping local industry capability at the forefront.

While the role of the South Australian taskforce is multifaceted, it includes investigation into state government legislation, safety requirements, industry capability and consultation.

For further information on the Nuclear-Powered Submarine Program visit the Department of Defence. A wide range of FAQs about the program are available here.

To make contact with the South Australian Submarine Taskforce please email SASubmarineTaskforce@defencesa.com