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Workspace Commercial Furniture

Since 1911, Workspace has led Australian manufacturing, specialising in commercial, educational, defence and healthcare furniture solutions. Our comprehensive services range from design to installation, supported by a 12,500 square metre certified facility in South Australia and over 150 employees.

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UCI specialises in commercial furniture and fit-outs and brings together design, manufacturing and delivery expertise to every project. The UCI design team, based in our main manufacturing facility in Adelaide, is made up of industrial designers, mechanical engineers and graphic designers.


Plasteel SA

Plasteel SA has been a leading manufacturer for over 50 years and serves the defence, electronic, electrical, automotive, security, wine, sanitization, entertainment, rail, furniture, mining, government and local councils, medical, construction and transport industries.

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Laser 3D

The Adelaide facility is the largest laser cutting operation in South Australia and is an ISO9001 quality certified job-shop. A range of quality products is supplied to a variety of industries throughout South Australia including laser cutting folding and fabrication, powder and other coating products.

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