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Workspace Commercial Furniture

Since 1911, Workspace has led Australian manufacturing, specialising in commercial, educational, defence and healthcare furniture solutions. Our comprehensive services range from design to installation, supported by a 12,500 square metre certified facility in South Australia and over 150 employees.

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Global Pumps Group

Global Pumps is a leading supplier of high-quality surface protection systems and pumps for diverse industries, including maritime, chemical and process, public utilities, commercial buildings, mining, food and beverage and more.

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Leveraging cutting-edge CAM, CMM, ERP software, and state-of-the-art CNC machinery, we ensure that every manufactured item undergoes meticulous scrutiny for accurate production and complete traceability throughout its manufacturing life cycle.


Ecco Consulting Pty Ltd

Ecco Consulting Pty Ltd (Ecco) was established in 2004 to provide consulting services in commercial negotiation, marketing, business strategy, research and operations to the oil, gas, petroleum, biofuel and resource sectors.

Ecco Consulting Pty Ltd