Company Overview

Global Pumps: Solving tough challenges. Global Pumps is a leading supplier of high-quality surface protection systems and pumps for diverse industries, including maritime, chemical and process, public utilities, commercial buildings, mining, food and beverage and more. We understand the unique challenges each sector faces and offer customised engineered solutions.
We are people with a passion to make customers lives easier by understanding their needs and solving tough challenges. Over the last 45 years we have built up a portfolio of world-class solutions and a track record of fast & efficient service.
Proudly South Australian owned, we have built our reputation through speed and quality you can rely on. Our unwavering commitment ensures not only superior products and services, but also a rapid response to ensure Asset uptime and reliability.

Products and Services

  • MetaLine Surface Protection Coating Products: Prolong the life of your equipment with our innovative coating solutions that shield against abrasion and corrosion.
  • Fire Pump Sets: Guarantee steadfast fire protection with our custom-engineered heavy duty firepump sets, delivering high flow rates and exceptional pressure to effectively combat emergencies.
  • Slurry Pumps: Overcome abrasive mining materials with our robust slurry pumps, designed for maximum efficiency and wear resistance.
  • Peristaltic Hose Pumps: Gentle on sensitive materials and self-priming, these pumps excel in food and beverage applications and delicate slurries.
  • Hygienic Pumps: Uphold stringent sanitation standards with our hygienic pumps, specifically crafted for food and pharmaceutical processing.
  • Magnetic Drive Pumps: Leak-proof and reliable, these pumps confidently handle hazardous chemicals, ensuring the safety of your personnel and the environment.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
ISO450001:2018 Workplace Health and Safety



  • Construction Services
  • Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
  • Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
  • Polymer Product Manufacturing
  • Pump, Compressor, Heating and Ventilation Equipment Manufacturing
  • Specialised Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing