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Swordfish Computing (Australia) Pty Ltd

Swordfish is a 100% Australian owned and operated SME with a 25 year track record of delivering transformative innovation at the cutting edge of Australian defence and space research. We've established a reputation for being a trusted industry partner to defence and space clients and have contributed mission-critical solutions to a range of important defence programs.

Swordfish Computing (Australia) Pty Ltd2024-04-16T16:26:20+09:30

Resonate Consultants Pty Ltd

Resonate Consultants is a multi award winning specialist acoustic engineering and vibration consulting business.

Resonate Consultants Pty Ltd2024-01-11T15:51:05+10:30


Aurizn’s mission is to push the limits for a more secure future. We do this through our unique offering of Simulation, Advanced Sensing and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to solve some of the most complex problems facing us today.