Company Overview

Established in 2012, Omni is a 100% Australian Veteran owned enterprise which supports Australian Government, Defence and private sector clients. Omni is a company built on integrity; its strengths are its people and culture.

As an Australian-owned and operated company, Omni has been a proud partner of the Australian Government for the last decade. Omni works across the defence, national security, and critical infrastructure sectors to protect Australia’s national interest, and provide professional and managed services across all five domains to deliver cost-effective, innovative, and agile solutions.

Omni’s breath of capability, proven experience and trusted approach helps to protect individuals, corporates, and governments from those threats. The diverse, collective experience of our team of 400+ personnel draw from a wealth of experience including in intelligence, special operations, law enforcement, emergency services, engineering, and aviation.

Products and Services

Our mission is to support the Australian Government’s national defence and security sectors across the five domains with the highest quality, customised solutions in support of the national interest. Omni’s breadth of expertise supports our clients through a range of service offerings across the land, air, maritime, space and cyber domains.

Omni offers a range of professional services including covering all aspects of Defence capability lifecycle management, and delivery, in particular aviation related services. Our highly qualified teams bring extensive experience in Defence, Policing, and Intelligence to our client service offering.

Omni is also one of Australia’s largest vetting firms, the only provider offering vetting and psychological services as well as background checks, all under the one team. Omni operates this service nationally to Government and private sector clients, increasingly concerned about the security and integrity of their organisational resourcing.


ISO Certified: 9001:2015 / 14001:2015 / 45001:2018
Civil Aviation Safety Authority Certified:
– Air Operator Certificate (Fixed and Rotary Wing)
– Certificate of Approval (Fixed and Rotary Wing)
– Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator’s Certificate
– One-off Production Certificate
Master Security Licenses: ACT / NSW / QLD / WA
Member of Australian Community of Interest
Member of Professional Background Screening Association
ITAR Accredited

Major Projects

Other Projects

  • Electromagnetic Warfare & Intelligence Systems – Maritime SPO
  • Army Headquarters Land C4 Futures Program
  • Modernisation of Maritime Electronic Warfare (MMEW) Program
  • Active Electronically Scanned Array SPO
  • Project SEA 1408 Phase 3 Torpedo Defence Systems
  • Project SEA 1350 Magnetic Treatment Facility
  • Joint Project 9101 HF Modernisation Program
  • Joint Project 9141 Phase 2 – COMSEC Modernisation Program
  • Land 8410 Land Intelligence Rolling Program
  • Joint Project 9347 Joint Data Network
  • Army Battlefield Aviation Program
  • Capability, Acquisition and Sustainment Group’s Future Air Combat System Program Office
  • Army Land Test and Evaluation Agency
  • Land Mobility and Support Program support
  • Patrol Boat SPO



  • Air and Space Transport
  • Architectural, Engineering and Technical Services
  • Central Government Administration
  • Construction Services
  • Defence
  • Educational Support Services
  • Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
  • Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
  • Management and Related Consulting Services
  • Other Repair and Maintenance
  • Regulatory Services
  • Scientific Research Services
  • State Government Administration
  • Telecommunications Services
  • Transport Services

Other Capabilities

Maintenance, repair and overhaul of rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft