About Defence SA

Defence SA is South Australia’s lead government agency for all defence matters and the nation’s only standalone state defence organisation. 

It is a single point of contact for all defence stakeholders, streamlining their interaction across the South Australian Government.

Defence SA’s mission is to grow the defence industry, and strengthen the Defence Force presence in the state. 

Working closely with Defence and industry, Defence SA targets investment and expansion opportunities, drives and supports the delivery of major defence projects and facilities, and pursues the location of additional Defence units and capabilities in the state.

Defence SA also plays a key role in supporting the Commonwealth Government’s strategic defence policy, particularly by increasing local industry participation and ensuring that state-of-the-art infrastructure and a highly skilled, industry-ready workforce is in place to underpin defence projects.

In recognition of the strong contribution that defence makes to the state’s economic prosperity, the South Australian Government is the only state to appoint a Minister for Defence Industries.