South Australia is fortunate to have a number of military history museums and places of interest that provide an excellent overview of South Australia’s military history.

Below is a list of South Australian museums and places of interest that are open to the public. For opening times and further information please click on the desired museum to visit their website.

Army Museum of South Australia

Located at historic Keswick Barracks, the Army Museum of South Australia began in 1992 when a need to collect and preserve our military history was recognised.  The museum features a large number of detailed military exhibits, including life-size displays to give visitors a better understanding of what life was like for soldiers in war as well as vehicle and artillery displays.

South Australian Aviation Museum

The SA Aviation Museum is a thriving place for the aviation enthusiast and historian. Visitors have a great variety of aircraft, engines, propellers, historic displays and memorabilia to view and museum members are available for guided tours or to answer questions.  Several times a year visitors and members can enjoy the museum’s ‘Engine Run’ and ‘Open Cockpit’ days when many of the Museum’s working engines are run and many cockpits are open for inspection.

South Australian Maritime Museum

Located in the historic Port Adelaide precinct, the South Australian Maritime Museum preserves, explores and celebrates the human history of our oceans and rivers.  Renowned for its innovative approach to maritime history and education, the Museum incorporates the historic Bond Store with three floors of exhibitions, the Port Adelaide Lighthouse from South Neptune Island, and the much-loved steam tug, Yelta.

National Railway Museum

Take a journey into railway history at the National Railway Museum, Australia’s largest undercover railway museum with over 100 exhibits representing State, Commonwealth and private railway operators on the three major rail gauges used in Australia. Climb into the cabs of giant steam engines, walk through elegant carriages, enjoy the fun of train rides and interactive and educational displays.  The museum features WWI and WWII displays where you can learn about the contribution of South Australia’s railways during the world war years.

Fort Glanville Conservation Park

Fort Glanville Conservation Park represents a significant period in South Australia’s European colonial history. The fort remains largely unaltered since it was built in 1880 to boost Australia’s defence strategy. Visitors are treated to full historical re-enactments by members of the Fort Glanville Association, including military drills and cannon firing.

Woomera Heritage Centre Aircraft and Missile Park

The Heritage Museum contains historical displays relating to the Woomera Range and to the closed Joint Defence Facility at Nurrungar. The displays contain an extensive range of rocket parts along with photographs and descriptions of Range activities, including the most recent NEXST-1 and HyShot trials.