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South Australia’s experienced and capable industry base delivers many of the country’s largest and most complex defence projects, supported by State Government’s investment in infrastructure and workforce and skills development.

South Australia is spearheading some of the most significant naval shipbuilding projects in our nation’s history, including construction of Australia’s future fleet of nuclear-powered submarines and delivery of major tier 1 surface combatant ships for the Royal Australian Navy. This work program secures continuous naval shipbuilding in Adelaide for decades to come providing long-term certainty for thousands of South Australian workers.

South Australia is also delivering cyber and systems solutions to complement these major projects. Key aerospace projects and intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare capabilities are centred just outside Adelaide at RAAF Base Edinburgh.

From a research, development and innovation perspective, South Australia’s defence industry, research organisations and educational institutions team together to innovate cutting-edge solutions for the Australian Defence Force and defence projects. The Defence Innovation Partnership brings these key stakeholders together as incubator for R&D collaboration.

Our state sits proudly as a centre-of-gravity for the national space activity and boasts leading expertise in a broad range of space capabilities from upstream manufacturing of next-generation satellites and space technologies, to downstream infrastructure and applications.

Hunter Class Frigates

The Hunter class frigate program, which will deliver a fleet of nine world-class anti-submarine warfare frigates to the Royal Australian Navy, is currently underway at South Australia’s Osborne Naval Shipyard.

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Collins Class Submarines

ASC was responsible for building Australia’s fleet of Collins class submarines in Adelaide in the 1990s and now provides design enhancements, maintenance and through-life support of the six-vessel fleet at the Osborne Naval Shipyard.

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Nuclear-powered Submarine Program

Precincts Osborne Naval Shipyard Industry Partners BAE Systems Australia, ASC The enhanced trilateral security partnership between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States (AUKUS) was first announced in Septe