Osborne Naval Shipyard

Industry Partners

BAE Systems Australia

The Hunter class frigate program, will deliver a fleet of six world-class anti-submarine warfare frigates to the boost the undersea warfare and strike capabilities of the Royal Australian Navy.

Prototyping work is currently underway at South Australia’s Osborne Naval Shipyard by BAE Systems Maritime Australia.

The Hunter class frigate build is part of a continuous shipbuilding program that will sustain more than 2,500 jobs at Osborne Naval Shipyard and thousands more across the wider Australian defence supply chain.

In February 2024, the Australian Government released its response to the Surface Fleet Review, announcing its blueprint for a larger and more lethal fleet for the Royal Australian Navy.

The Hunter class frigate fleet will be at the heart of this capability, with the first frigate to be delivered in 2034 and the last to enter service in 2043.

The new frigates will be among the world’s most advanced anti-submarine warfare frigates, designed for maximum versatility and flexibility in operational roles from humanitarian and disaster relief operations to high-intensity warfare.