Army in South Australia

South Australia has a long and proud association with the Australian Army and is home to one of its three Combat Manoeuvre Brigades and its only ground-based air defence unit. 

Some 1400 members of the Regular Army and 1120 members of the Army Reserve are resident across the state.

Army’s presence includes the 1st Armoured Regiment and 7th Battalion RAR of the 1st Brigade (Adelaide) based at the Horseshoe Barracks in RAAF Base Edinburgh, the 16th Air Land Regiment of the 6th Brigade based at Woodside and the Reserve 9th Brigade, based at Keswick as well as important national land-focused research and development activities.

Part of the Army’s 6th (CS&ISTAR) Brigade, the 16th Air Land Regiment, is the Australian Army's only ground-based air defence unit and is responsible for protecting a wide range of military assets during conflicts with Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar (CRAM) systems and point air defence systems.

South Australia also has some of the nation’s most valuable test and training areas, including the: