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PO Box 4080
Norwood SA 5067
Phone: +61 418 855 758


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Company Overview

Adelaide Relocations takes the headache out of setting up in South Australia. Offering the full range of mobility services, we specialise in ensuring the move to Adelaide and regional areas of South Australia is as seamless as possible.

From stepping through the Visas process, what to bring and not bring, to where to live, shop and become part of the community, we handle it all including opening bank accounts, connecting phones, renting, and buying properties, where to send children to childcare, school/university plus how to navigate the quarantine process.

Over 20 years success in handling mobility for all levels of positions including extensive experience in working with Defence primes.

Products and Services

Mobility services including sourcing rental and purchase properties in Adelaide and regional South Australia.

Education search, tours and interviews for all ages from child care to University.



  • Educational Support Services
  • Management and Related Consulting Services
  • Other Goods and Equipment Rental and Hiring
  • Property Operators
  • Real Estate Services

Other Capabilities

Furniture and goods rental.