Company Overview

Arrow Electronics Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian electronic distribution company with 5 branches employing 85+ of the top Electronic Component Engineers and distribution logistics staff throughout Australia and New Zealand, servicing Aerospace, Defence, Maritime and Space Clients, Prime Contractors / SMEs, and Design Engineers globally with access to leading-edge electronic components.

Arrow Electronics has a stringent global distribution channel, accessing the world’s leading OEM/OCM electronic components, Marine BFOU/RFOU, DNLV-GL and Lloyds Certified Cabling and Specialized Interconnect Connectors and technology, manufacturers. Arrow guarantees "ONLY OEM/OCM" original manufactured electronic components and parts are supplied from the world-leading MFGs.

Arrow logistics are supported through our stringent certified global supply chain, providing COO and COC, eliminating and risk-mitigating counterfeit parts from entering our client’s supply chain and innovative solutions.

Products and Services

Arrow Electronics is a one-stop company with highly mission-critical Mil-Spec electronic components, sensors, semiconductors, PEMCO, specialised cabling, connectors, and harnessing solutions from the 965+ world’s world most recognised global electronic component manufacturers.

• Specialized Defence Grade Electronics Distribution and Arrow Stringent Supply Chain Services
• Authorized Certified Franchise Distributor to >965+ Global OEM Mfg / Suppliers
• PEMCO- Mil-Spec Passive Electromechanical Connectors, Fiber Optic & Circular Connectors
• Certified Electronic Solutions – Rad-Tolerant AVR® and ARM® Microcontrollers / FPGA’s, Radar, Sonar, RF & Microwave, Piezoelectric Accelerometer, and latest Communication solutions
• Mission Critical Flight Components, UAV, Precision GTC – Geo-Targeting Components
• Advanced systems & mission-critical electronic components
• MIL High-Performance Cable & Wiring (Arrow specialises in Mil-Spec and Mil-PRF Lloyds / DNL-GV Certified Marine and specialised industrial cabling from TE-Raychem (C-Lite), Nexans Draka Filca, and Prysmian Group)
• MIL High-Performance Fibre Optic (Arrow specialises in Mil-Spec and Mil-PRF Lloyds / DNL-GV Lloyds Certified Marine Fibre Optic and specialised industrial cabling from TE-Raychem (C-Lite), Nexans Draka Filca, and Prysmian Group)
• Board Level Components, PCB & Embedded Solutions
• Cable & Harnessing Solutions and Assembly – Mil-Spec/Perf – Fibre Optics, Comms and Electrical and High-Speed Data Cabling – all Lloyds, DNV-GL Mil-Spec Marine Cert.
• IC to boards
• Access to over 1+ Million Mission Critical Electronic Components and parts


Arrow Maintains a variety of Regional and Global Electronic Distribution certifications such as:

i. ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9120:2002 third-party certified
ii. ISO 14001 – Compliant Environmental programs
iii. SAE/G19 Standards – Counterfeit Electronic – Counterfeit Electronic Parts Certified
iv. AS5553:2013 standardises the requirements, practices, and methods to reduce counterfeit parts entering the supply chain.
v. AS6496:2014 -Fraudulent /Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition Authorized/Franchised Distribution August 2014
vi. AS6174:2014 – Counterfeit Materiel; Assuring Acquisition of Authentic and Conforming Materiel
vii. AS6171A:2018 – Standard detects suspect counterfeit electronic parts.
viii. ITAR registered.
ix. JESD 3-compliant as a stocking distributor for Defence, Space and commercial, industrial Hi-Rel Electronic Components
x. QSLD-certified through DLA Land and Maritime (DSCC)
xi. Member JEDEC 13, GIDEP, ECIA, AIA & SAEG19

Major Projects

Other Projects

Various Classified EW Satellite, Space and UAV solutions