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36 Hilltop Avenue
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Company Overview

Chordell is an independent company founded in UK in 2006. In 2019 we moved operations to South Australia. We design and build ELINT and COMINT systems for customers in Japan and Singapore. Entirely software based, we address both tactical and strategic systems deployed on land, at sea and in the air.

We stare wide band at any chosen part of the spectrum emulating the detection sensitivity of a perfectly tuned narrow band receiver for each and every signal present. Systems bandwidths range from 2 GHz to 30 GHz. Since we stare rather than sweep across the spectrum we collect and categorise ALL Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) signals at range, no matter how agile, even when buried beneath wideband noise.

Detected signals are further characterised to a high degree of accuracy allowing confident de-interleaving and identification not only to type but to serial number. None of this real time performance relies on any prior knowledge of the signals of interest.

Products and Services

WOLVERINE SIGINT Systems – Covering both ELINT and COMINT, the systems provides a complete ESM capability with real time detection and characterisation. These systems stare across a swathe of spectrum with a typical instantaneous bandwidth from anywhere between 2 GHz and 30 GHz and may be centered anywhere in the spectrum. Add on services such as DF (typically to 20 millidegrees) and 3d Geo afford the ability to detect and track fast moving targets at over 400Km range.

SHANNON Data Visualisation – enables a signals analyst to quickly tame vast amounts of SIGINT data whilst quickly finding the salient information hidden in obfuscation and noise. Designed by analysts for analysts.

SIGNAL SYNTHESISER – generates real world signals from user generated files. We offer various tools to take incoming signals, modify them and replay them adding in noise, propagation anomalies and antenna effects. Whilst originally used for systems testing this may also be used in modern EA systems.


Accredited supplier to Lockheed Martin Australia

Major Projects


  • Computer and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
  • Defence