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Level 7, 115 King William Street
Adelaide SA 5000


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Company Overview

South Australian leaders in defence and space business development, government engagement, security compliance and training services.

Veteran founded and with over 80 years of defence and government experience.

Access to funding support
Access to state grants
Access to federal grants
Capital investment
Other funding models and opportunities
Security posture
Cyber security framework
Physical security
Security policy and procedures
DISP planning and implementation
Security auditing and accreditation
Process improvement
Strategic planning, strategic and business management skills
Management policies and procedures
Business development
Defence marketing engagement planning
Defence business strategy
Bid management and tendering
WHS policy and procedures
Risk management policy and procedures
Continuous improvement framework

Products and Services

Identify appropriate grants
Grant management services
Streamlining grant applications to reduce costs and improve grant success

Understanding whole-of-government and Defence security requirements
Understanding the need for, and the implementation of, a security posture
Reviewing, designing and writing policies and procedures to accommodate whole-of-government security requirements
Developing, delivering and supporting an employee security culture within companies
Building and delivering training packages at the executive, line management and staff levels
Supporting access to the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) application

Understanding the whole-of-government and Defence marketplace
Aligned to whole-of-government and Defence needs and requirements
Linking to ISO qualifications and or standards
Reviewing composite business functions
Improving business processes and procedures
Skills development through onsite training and coaching


Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) member
Australian Industry and Defence Network (AIDN) member

Major Projects

Other Projects

Land 154 Ph 2 Level 2 Deployable Forensic Laboratory Project
Land 8140 Deployable Force Infrastructure Project

Ongoing service delivery of specialist command and control training to the Combat Training Centre, Amphibious Task Group, and formation level headquarters through the Enhanced Army Training Standing Support Offer (EATSSO).



  • Defence
  • Government Representation
  • Management and Related Consulting Services