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Company Overview

Eptec is a specialist engineering contractor in Asset Preservation and Rehabilitation. Its expertise delivers Asset Life Extension of complex operational assets through a range of solutions for Corrosion Protection, Concrete Rehabilitation, Fibre Reinforced Plastics, Waterproofing and Linings, and Insulation.

In house, Eptec’s coatings services include blast & paint, concrete repair & injection, cathodic protection, and steel repair and, together with a range of associates, our combined skills and experience reach across the complete asset life extension spectrum.

The company works across a range of sectors including defence, marine, transport, utilities and industrial. Typical characteristics of Eptec projects include:

  • Time constrained
  • Conducted in complex operating environments
  • Assets are of strategic or critical to our client’s operations continuity.

Eptec has built a range of quality systems and processes that support its Defence work.

Products and Services

Eptec Defence Solutions is the leading Marine Preservation Contractor across Australia.
With a presence in all major shipyards, Eptec has worked on almost all of the Australian Navy fleet, ships from the US Navy and NZ Navy, and many commercial vessels.

Eptec carries out blasting, painting, insulation and lagging to support the shipbuilder through the complete ship lifecycle. From unit construction, consolidation, and compartment completion, through to delivery of the new build and subsequently also during major & minor maintenance and system upgrades.

  • Block/Unit/Module Preservation
  • Consolidation and fitout
  • Compartment completion and pre-delivery docking
  • In-service preservation (alongside)
  • Major maintenance/refurbishment (docking)


ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ACRA member, ASRG Member, ASTT Member, EPA – Abrasive blasting SA 19164



  • Automotive Repair and Maintenance
  • Building and Industrial Cleaning Services
  • Building Construction
  • Construction
  • Construction Services
  • Defence
  • Machinery and Equipment Maintenance