Company Overview

Our purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.

Fujitsu: Strategic advantage delivered.
For more than four decades Fujitsu has innovated with the ADF to deliver mission-focused information, co-creating new technologies and capabilities to ensure Defence is prepared and ready to defend, fight, and win in a digital age.

Fujitsu: Proud partners to Defence.
We leverage our skills to deliver strategic advantage through our global and local defence sector experience.
We are passionately aligned to the values, culture, mission, and purpose of Defence.
We have built a trusted heritage known for advanced technologies, and expert-driven project delivery.

With our portfolio of highly secure digital integration solutions, we enable Defence to extend its capability and functionality across all five domains: land, maritime, air, space, cyber and information, offering increased agility on deployed operations.

Products and Services

To support Defence with enhanced decision making and deliver strategic capability, Fujitsu is focused on three key technology areas:

Computing and Network.
We work alongside Defence to maintain current and develop future networks, leveraging our industry aligned cloud specialisation, and bringing with us specialised capabilities, including high performance computers, quantum inspired and true quantum computing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data and Security.
Fujitsu AI technologies and advanced analytics enable decision-making advantage. From data integration and secure asset management to Edgeware and cyber security.

Converging and Emerging Technology.
Fujitsu is a pioneer in the convergence of digital technologies and is continuing to invest heavily in these areas. With the fusion of multiple game-changing digital technologies such as AI, IoT, and computing we create innovative solutions that address complex Defence and force structure challenges.

Major Projects

  • Other

Other Projects

Enterprise-level Deployed Information Communication Technology (ICT)
Enterprise-level Regional ICT (National Deskside Support)
Enterprise-level Military Platform Integration (MPI)
Defence application support eg. Commonwealth System for Armaments (COMSARM)



  • Data Processing, Web Hosting, and Electronic Information Storage Services
  • Information and Telecommunications
  • Other Information and Telecommunication Services
  • Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Other Capabilities

Computing and network.
– Secure Industry Collaboration Cloud – a PROTECTED cloud platform for Defence to securely work together in an enhanced collaboration environment.
– Digital Annealer – quantum inspired computer that performs combinatorial optimisation in fractions of a second at the edge.

AI, data and security.
– Fujitsu Data & AI Consulting – fit for purpose AI solutions.
– Zero Trust integration – understanding the breadth of Zero Trust.
– Product agnostic integrated solutions.

Converging and emerging technology.
– Next generation logistics – through a low-code platform that is adaptable to changing requirements while remaining secure and reliable.
– Digital Twins – Digital representation that models an entity (disconnected), shadows an entity (connected) or where the digital and physical interact with one another (integrated) twins.
– Orchestration of best of breed solutions and capabilities to integrate and meet the required need.

Digital transformation services.