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Company Overview

Hendon Semiconductors has over 60 years’ experience in the design, development, and manufacturing of electronic assemblies. Being the only site in Australia specialising in thick film technology, Hendon can be your innovative partner to give your product an edge over your competitor. With over 25 years experience in the Defence sector, we pride ourselves on our reputation for ruggedized electronics delivered on-time and to the highest quality standards. Co-located and fully integrated engineering and manufacturing services all in South Australia mean a smooth transition as your project moves from development through to manufacturing.

Hendon Semiconductors offers engineering support from concept through to product commercialisation. Our scalable production facility is accredited ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and currently working towards ISO-45001 and DISP.

Products and Services

Hendon Semiconductors provide engineering design services as well as manufacturing services from prototyping to mass production.
Some of the key services we provide are listed below

  • Engineering Design Services (Electronics, Electrical, Electromechanical Design)
  • Firmware/ Software Development
  • Design for Test and Manufacturing
  • Pre-compliance Immunity Testing
  • Environmental (Temperature/ Humidity) Testing
  • Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Full Turnkey Assembly/ Build To Print
  • Dedicated Leaded and Lead-Free Production Line
  • 3D Automated Optical Inspection
  • IPC trained operators
  • Conformal Coating/ Encapsulation



Major Projects

Other Projects

Partnership with Defence Prime providing manufacturing and test services



  • Computer and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
  • Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing