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Tech Central, Lot Fourteen
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: 1800 421 621


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Company Overview

HutSix is a purpose-led software engineering firm offering bespoke software solutions and consulting services. Based in Alice Springs, NT, and Adelaide, SA, HutSix serves a diverse range of clients.

We are dedicated to driving change and transformation through innovative and tailored software solutions.

HutSix values work-life balance, innovation, passion, and purpose, aiming to create meaningful impact.

Products and Services

HutSix offers a range of bespoke software and consulting services designed to meet the specific needs of diverse clients. The core services provided include:

Custom software development: HutSix specialises in creating tailored software solutions that address unique business challenges. This includes developing applications, systems, and platforms that enhance operational efficiency and support specific organisational goals.

Consulting services: HutSix provides expert consulting to help businesses navigate complex technological and operational landscapes. This includes strategy development, process optimisation, and project management to ensure successful implementation and integration of new systems.

Fly on the wall consultancy: This innovative approach involves HutSix team members working directly within client organisations. By embedding consultants on-site, they gain a deep understanding of the client’s operations, enabling them to provide more effective and contextually relevant suggestions.



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Other Capabilities

Custom software development & consulting services