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Company Overview

Lumination builds immersive technology that enhances and interacts with the physical world around us, creating the most effective way to learn, through experiences.

Proudly Australian owned and operated, Lumination is pioneering advanced immersive software technology; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance sovereign capabilities. Through this technology came the development of immersive solutions that solve complex logistics, humanitarian and mission critical challenges. Increasing access to emerging technologies, Lumination is committed to strengthening the future of the workforce and taking learning to the next level on the world stage.

With a growing team of over 80 employees, Lumination is working with thousands of schools nationally and is rapidly expanding into the defence, government and enterprise sectors.

Products and Services

Overlay: An AI object recognition platform providing real time information about the world around it. Users train the platform to recognise objects & assign information, instructions or tasks. Powered by machine learning, users can scan pre-recognised objects to access up to date details, complete training, or take action, on any device, at any time.

Lumination Learning Labs: Automated, multi-purpose & immersive environments that improve learning & training outcomes. Our Labs offer effective collaborative learning experiences in the real & digital world.

LeadMe: Management software that provides facilitators & teachers centralised control of their environment, enabling what they do best.

XR Simulation: Extended reality simulation enabling users to train in a realistic environment through VR or AR. Using Lumination’s artificial intelligence engine, simulations learn from the user, creating new scenarios at higher levels of difficulty to prepare the user for real-world application.



  • Adult Community and Other Education
  • Education and Training
  • Educational Support Services
  • Information and Telecommunications
  • Other Information and Telecommunication Services
  • Preschool and School Education
  • Tertiary Education

Other Capabilities

Technology – VR/AR Simulations; AI Object Recognition Platform
Education & Training – Teacher Professional Development