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225 Gouger Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: +61 8 8231 9000


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Company Overview

Norseld Photonics delivers leading edge precision optical design, development, engineering, manufacturing and support solutions in Australia.

Norseld Photonics provides a comprehensive range of services, including manufacturing / equipment, laser and optical system design, as well as complex coating services.

Products and Services

• Optical thin films: our coating Chambers (E-Beam, IBS, IAD, APS, and More) enable us to provide customers with standard coatings in wavelengths ranging from UV and visible to far infrared (IR) as well as more complex coatings tailored to your needs.
• Diamond turning: our diamond turning technology can generate complex optical surfaces on a wide range of infrared and non-ferrous materials.
• Optical manufacturing: we can produce a full range of optical components including lenses, prisms, windows, laser optics and mirrors.
• Optical assembly and testing: we offer dedicated systems analysis, engineering design, prototype, fabrication, and production build to stringent customer requirements.





  • Other Manufacturing

Other Capabilities

Other Manufacturing – precision optical design, development, engineering, manufacturing and support.
• Optical thin films
• Diamond turning
• Optical manufacturing
• Optical assembly and testing