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Lot Fourteen
Level 2, Hanson Building, Frome Road
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: +61 466 962 562


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Company Overview

QuantX Labs is the premier, sovereign provider of high precision timing and sensor products used in defence, space and critical infrastructure. Our specialised team have more than 70 years combined experience in the innovation and development of precision measurement devices.

Our leading-edge technologies are just the beginning of the innovative solutions being designed for a range of sovereign and global applications including resilient position, navigation and timing services.

Our production and test facility, based in Adelaide, is providing a unique industrial capability to support Australian Defence and Space programs in radar, sensing, quantum technology and timing/positioning networks.

Products and Services

Our current focus is on three programs:
• Precision clocks and oscillators – Our flagship product – Cryoclock – is the world’s most precise clock, being developed for deployment into the ADF’s JORN Defence Radar.
• Precision quantum magnetometers – These have been developed to sense extremely small changes in magnetic field due to ferrous material.
• Optical Atomic Clocks – this ground-breaking development of a next generation space atomic clock based on optical technology.

Major Projects



  • Other Manufacturing

Other Capabilities

Manufacturing of precision timing and sensing products