Company Overview

REDARC Defence & Space have established themselves as a key SME in the Australian Defence sector over the past five years, offering a blend of commercial off-the-shelf, modified off-the-shelf and customised, build-to-print electronic solutions that improve capability, safety, flexibility of a variety of Defence vehicles and applications.

REDARC Defence & Space is uniquely positioned to support your unique defence requirements, both now and into the future. As an Australian-owned and operated design-to-manufacture business, the company leverages world-class technology and advanced electronic manufacturing to meet defence requirements. REDARC Defence & Space has a range of accreditations and awards, numerous Australian and international partnerships, and a proven track record of delivering on time and in full.

With REDARC Defence & Space, your assets will deliver greater performance and safety functionality in mission-critical situations.

REDARC Defence & Space have supplied battery monitoring and power management solutions to Australian Defence Force land vehicle programs and international platform manufacturers.

Having spent over 25 years working with heavy vehicle original equipment manufacturers, REDARC has become a world-class leader in product innovation, ensuring an industry-leading level of service to both manufacturers and end users alike.

Products and Services

REDARC Defence & Space products include commercial off-the-shelf and military off-the-shelf power management and conversion systems suitable for light to heavy land-based platforms and other bespoke solutions.

REDARC Defence & Space advanced manufacturing capabilities include:

Circuit design and advanced PCB layout

EMC, EMI, shock, vibration, temperature and humidity testing
Embedded microprocessor software development
Modern surface mount and selective through-hole PCB loading
Silicon potting and automated conformal coating

Integrated logistic support planning and management
Engineering documentation to Defence standards
Whole of life support (15 years after end of production)


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001
E mark

Major Projects

Other Projects

Direct to defence, exporting solutions globally



  • Computer and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
  • Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing

Other Capabilities

In-house design to manufacturing
Test and validation