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33-37 Port Wakefield Road
Gepps Cross SA 5094
Phone: +61 437 759 176


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Company Overview

Silentium Defence is a global leader in passive radar systems for tactical and strategic surveillance scenarios. A disruptive technology, designed and developed in Australia, our MAVERICK passive radars enable customers to ‘see without being seen’ across sea, air, land, and space.

Fast, safe, and cost effective to deploy, our radars are completely covert in operation, easily adapt to mission requirements and provide an undeniable advantage in any domain.

Products and Services

Silentium’s ‘MAVERICK’ passive radars bring a new dimension to the world of surveillance and situational awareness. From lightweight, soldier-portable systems for land tactical surveillance to fixed and deployable systems for strategic surveillance of sea, air, and space, our passive radars provide cost-effective protection without compromise, and an undeniable advantage over traditional radar systems – the ability to see without being seen.

Modular, scalable, and quick to deploy, MAVERICK passive radars easily adapt to support mission requirements and allow Defence to simultaneously detect and track a broad range of targets from low, slow-moving objects such as drones, to high, fast-moving jets, vehicles and space-debris and satellites in low-earth-orbit. Unlike traditional radar, our systems don’t emit, so they can’t be detected, don’t create a radiation hazard and don’t require spectrum allocation to operate making them quicker, safer and more cost effective to deploy.


DISP Certified
Defence Business of the Year 2020, Australian Space Awards
Australia’s Top 50 small business leaders, 2019
ISO 9001 Certified

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Other Projects

Modernisation of Maritime Electronic Warfare (MMEW)



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Other Capabilities

Passive radar design, manufacture, deployment, and operation