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Blair Athol
Blair Athol SA 5084
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Company Overview

Improving the way humans interact with technology.

Tekuma’s orb is a control component that can be integrated into any human-machine interface, making it easier to control drones, robots and other devices. Drastically improving the user experience, it can save your business time and money, as well as personnel and training costs.

It’s intuitive, universal, and robust. It is force-based and allows the operation of six-degrees of freedom with just two fingers.

Tekuma has sold the orb as a component implemented by manufacturers and as part of their own controllers.

It has controlled drones, robots, underwater rovers, and attached peripherals, such as camera gimbals and robotic arms. They are currently working with the US Defense Innovation Unit as part of the Soldier Robotic Controller program (SRoC).

Already serving customers in the US and Australia, Tekuma is seeking new partners to ensure a friendlier control experience for all sorts of technologies.

Products and Services

  • Tekuma’s 6DOF control orb component for integration by manufacturers into their own human-machine interfaces for all devices
  • Easy Manoeuvre Unit (EMU) controller built specifically for wearable in-the-field operation of all kinds of robots in collaboration with the US DoD Defense Innovation Unit as part of their Soldier Robotic Controller Program
  • Consulting & customised control interfaces for new devices and/or applications


Land Forces 2022 SME Innovation Award (Highly Commended)
Land Forces 2021 PitchFest: Best Overall Innovation



  • Architectural, Engineering and Technical Services
  • Computer and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
  • Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
  • Machinery and Equipment Maintenance