Personalised relocation support to executives and their families

Adelaide Relocations partners with start-ups, businesses, government agencies and education providers who are bringing staff from interstate and overseas to Adelaide.

To take the headache out of setting up in a new city, Adelaide Relocations provides expert assistance to ensure companies joining the Defence Landing Pad have a seamless transition.

Getting started

If you are migrating from overseas, we can answer all of your ‘day one’ questions about how Australia works – how to open a bank account, get your mobile and landline phones connected, hook your home up to water and electricity services, navigate car leasing or purchase as well as public transport. We can even assist you to negotiate leases for rental properties or a mortgage on a new home and find the best removalist.

Your new city

While Google is a useful tool for gathering information, nothing compares to personal recommendations and advice from specialists who are based in your new city. We can advise on the merits of various suburbs to live, where to eat, shop…even where to keep fit.

Family focus

If you are relocating with family we can provide you with the best childcare, day care, primary and secondary schooling options. We can also advise on pet care and boarding facilities.

Settling in

After moving, we can provide ongoing support to enrich your experience in your new city. This can include advice on local area amenities, community activities and links to business, sport and entertainment networks.

Adelaide Relocations was founded 20 years ago when, as two returning expats, we had experienced the frustrations of moving to new cities and not knowing where to live, shop, play sport and link with like-minded locals. Our aim is to make your move hassle free and provide you with what you need to know to really feel at home in Adelaide.