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Stephen Mullighan MP
Minister for Defence and Spaces Industries

Bombardier Defense is the latest business to call Adelaide home with the establishment of a South Australian office at Lot Fourteen.

The new workspace was opened today by Minister for Defence and Space Industries, Stephen Mullighan.

Selecting Lot Fourteen for its Australian presence ensures the business has access to a curated, collaborative research and business ecosystem dedicated to driving productivity and solving complex global challenges.

Bombardier, a Canadian company founded in 1942, employs more than 18,000 people globally and has an in-service fleet of more than 5,000 aircraft, supported by a vast network of Bombardier team members worldwide and 10 service facilities across six countries.

The company has offices across the world, with its headquarters in Montreal, Canada, and with a prominent U.S.-based facility in Wichita, Kansas, where their Global and Challenger aircraft families can be modified for various special mission configurations serving many applications.

Recognizing the company’s expanding Australian footprint, the new SA office will be dedicated for Bombardier Defense customers. Known for its custom solutions tailored to its clients’ needs, Bombardier Defense provides services ranging from turnkey packages with complete design, building, testing and certification activities, to specialist engineering support and technical oversight.

Bombardier Defense has over 500 missionized aircraft worldwide with over 3 million fleet hours and more than 160 operators in over 50 countries. It has a strong fleet of Medical Evacuation (Medevac) and Search & Rescue aircraft in-service across Australia.

Quotes attributable to Stephen Mullighan

We’re excited to welcome Bombardier Defense as the latest company to expand its presence in South Australia, driven by the boundless opportunities our state has to offer.  

Bombardier’s decision to establish a long-term footprint in South Australia underscores the confidence in our state and our defence industry.

Their presence is also a testament to the growing opportunities for defence companies that exist here, which will open doors for Bombardier to provide airborne capabilities to national defence and national security projects.

Quotes attributable to Steve Patrick, Vice President for Bombardier Defense

Bombardier Defense’s customers are shaping the world – and we plan to be right there with them to provide exceptional support and identify the best-suited jets for their needs.

Bombardier has a proven catalogue of aircraft that bring together next-generation technology, agility and speed, making them the perfect solution for the evolving landscape in civilian, military and hybrid specialized operations.

While Bombardier has been present in Australia for the past decade and has over 50 employees across the country, the opening of an office in Adelaide is a significant milestone for our company and our first landmark within South Australia. We are looking forward to anchoring ourselves in the region and growing our local partnerships.


Published On: May 21st, 2024