Land Combat Vehicle System Program

The South Australian Government is committed to supporting local industry to win supply chain work as part of the Australian Army's LAND 400 – Land Combat Vehicle System program.

One of the world’s largest armoured fighting vehicle programs, LAND 400 is designed to deliver the Australian Army’s mounted close combat capability. 

South Australian industry is primed to play a key role in Phase 2 of LAND 400, which will involve producing up to 225 combat reconnaissance vehicles worth about $4-5 billion in acquisition, plus up to 35 years of sustainment and upgrade work.

South Australia offers a stable, skilled workforce and deep supply chain with a strong track record of manufacturing and sustaining armoured fighting vehicles.

Local companies have built more military vehicles than any other Australian state since World War II. South Australian industry is also currently responsible for the heavy grade sustainment of all of Army’s current fleets of armoured fighting vehicles.

In August 2016, the UK’s BAE Systems and Germany’s Rheinmetall were short-listed to participate in a 12-month vehicle trial and evaluation program. The companies’ vehicles are being extensively tested to assess their protection and other capabilities.

Rheinmetall have selected Queensland as the base for the program should they be successful, while BAE Systems will base their operations in Victoria.

More information: Project LAND 400

For further information please direct all enquiries to Ilona Horan, Director, Land at Defence SA. Tel: +61 8 8463 7153 or