Company Overview

Supporting the Australian Defence Force since 1992, Acacia is a leading Australian defence software and systems company engaged primarily in developing advanced mission management systems and tactical support applications. The company maintains significant depth of skills in the areas of data fusion, tracking, sensor performance, data analysis and environmental mathematical modelling. Translating these into advanced deployed systems is achieved through the application of disciplined systems, software and hardware engineering practice. The team consists of talented, creative and highly skilled engineers, scientists and domain experts working closely to translate theory and ideas into future operational systems.

Products and Services

Reflex – Reflex is a Command Decision Analytics tool which captures, records and references all data both geospatially and temporally. The data can then be replayed either instantaneously or post-mission to reconstruct and analyse events and incidents for tactical development, operational analysis or training.

Cortex ISR – Cortex ISR is a low-impact, high capability Mission Management System suitable for airborne, surface or sub-surface implementation. Cortex manages, controls and displays data from multiple sensors and systems, including UxV. It can be fully integrated with internal and external communications to provide real-time data transfer between platforms and/or shore or ground stations.

Cortex C-UAS – Cortex C-UAS C2 is an integrated multi-sensor, multi effector counter UAS command and control system developed by Acacia Systems. Cortex manages, controls and displays data from multiple sensors and systems, including UxV.

Onyx – Onyx is an advanced auto target detect, track and localisation engine which delivers full-state solutions (range, bearing, course and speed) fusing data from multiple sensors and/or multiple platforms. Its advanced algorithms deliver increased probability and range of detection, more accurate tracking of targets and greatly reduced False Alarm Rate

Major Projects

Other Projects


  • Collins Class Submarine

Cortex ISR

  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)
  • Australian Border Force (ABF)

Cortex C-UAS

  • EOS Titanis

Cortex C2

  • C4 EDGE


  • Air Warfare Destroyer
  • Type 26 Frigates (UK)



  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  • Scientific Research Services

Other Capabilities

    • Data fusion
    • Tracking & sensor performance
    • Data analysis
    • Environmental mathematical modelling