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2-6 Douglas Drive
Mawson Lakes SA 5095
Phone: +61 8 8262 3111


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Company Overview

An Australian company specialising in the application of composite materials for aerospace, maritime and energy-related projects. Airspeed has designed and developed an innovative range of airborne equipment pods for military aircraft that we are the Original Equipment Manufacturer. These pods are employed in a variety of roles with operators including the Royal Australian Air Force.

Another established line of business pertains to the application of composites for maritime structures. As well as working with military forces and government research organisations, we have considerable experience working with large commercial organisations.

Airspeed’s experience in warship composites includes 4500 lightweight floor panels in the combat centres of Australia’s three Air Warfare Destroyers.

Products and Services

Airborne equipment pods for high profile customers including the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), Raytheon Australia and BAE Systems.

Filament-wound submarine pressure vessels and lightweight replacement structures for ASC
Pty Ltd and the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).


CASA CASR 21M Design Approval for the specialties of structures, systems and equipment
(mechanical) and flight analyst (flight test).


Incorporated in the Maintenance Support Networks (MSN) of numerous Tier 1 Australian
Defence companies

Major Projects



  • Manufacturing
  • Other Manufacturing
  • Professional and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing
  • Specialised Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
  • Transport Equipment Manufacturing

Other Capabilities

Our design capabilities encompass all aspects of engineering pertaining to composite
materials including Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics and RF
Transmissivity Analysis.

Composites manufacturing capabilities include multi-axis filament winding, autoclaved,
vacuum-bagged & oven-cured laminates and resin infusion using carbon, aramid and glass

We are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for an innovative range of airborne
equipment pods for military fast jets, operated by customers including the Royal Australian
Air Force (RAAF), Raytheon Australia and BAE Systems.

Our submarine work replaces heavy steel structures with modern, lightweight, resin-infused
composite structure to reduce topside weight and restore submarine stability margins.

Our surface ship work centres on resin-infused, lightweight replacement structure using fire
retardant resins.