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Company Overview

Founded in 2014, AML3D is the original equipment manufacturer of ARCEMY®. Available in three configurations, ARCEMY® is an industrial metal 3D printer using patented Wire-arc Additive Manufacturing (WAM®) technology with proprietary software to produce large-scale and exotic material parts for Defence programs (Land, Sea and Air). ARCEMY® promotes supply chain resilience for metal parts, ensuring sovereign manufacturing capability with near-to-source manufacturing and on-demand printing capability.

Using a patented Wire-arc Additive Manufacturing technology, ARCEMY® metal 3D printers provide a sovereign capability manufacturing solution for parts larger than 200x200mm for titanium and 400x400mm in most other metals and alloys.

Materials AML3D can wire additively manufacture with include super-duplex, mild and hardened steels, aluminium, nickel and copper alloys.

AML3D’s wire additive manufacturing technology provides stronger, greener parts, faster when compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Products and Services

  • OEM of ARCEMY®, industrial metal 3D printing systems
  • Wire additive manufacturing capability provider
  • Metal 3D printing capability provider


  • DNV Approved Manufacturer for Wire Additive Manufacturing for Ships (RU-Ship Pt. 2)
  • Lloyd’s Registered Certified Additive Manufacturing Facility
  • ISO 9001 QMS
  • AS 9100D underway
  • ISO 45001 underway

Manufactures in accordance to:

  • Lloyd’s Register
  • DNV
  • American Welding Society Standard Specification for Fabrication of Metal Components using Additive Manufacturing AWS D20.1/D20.1M:2019 under the criticality classifications of Class A, B and C.
  • API 20S, Additively Manufactured Metallic Components for Use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

Major Projects

  • Other

Other Projects

AML3D has provided ARCEMY® metal 3D printers and wIre additively manufactured products for:

  • US Department of Defence (Navy)
  • Oakridge National Laboratories
  • Laser Welding Solutions
  • BAE Systems Australia
  • Austal Ltd
  • Keppel Industries
  • ST Engineering Electronics
  • ST Engineering Land
  • Chevron
  • Global Teir 1 Aerospace Company



  • Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
  • Other Manufacturing
  • Primary Metal and Metal Product Manufacturing