Company Overview

Customs Agency Services (CAS) are one of Australia’s largest international and domestic logistics companies. As a 100% owned and operated Australian and New Zealand SME; we are well positioned to support your Australian Industry Capability (AIC).

Founded in Adelaide in 1976, we now have a team of 40 logistics professionals. Almost half of our revenue comes from the defence, aerospace and space verticals. Over half of Australia’s major defence primes entrust either all, or some of their logistics solutions to the team at CAS.

We are supported by a network of freight partners in over 2000 locations globally. CAS has been recognised globally as Australia’s best logistics solution for defence and aerospace.

Having successfully delivered on over 50 defence, maritime, aerospace, land and space programmes, we are well positioned to minimize your logistics risk, whilst maximizing your compliance and value for money.

Products and Services

  • International freight forwarding
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Customs clearance
  • ITAR and EAR guidance
  • Global logistics consultancy
  • Dangerous goods, AOG and oversize freight specialists
  • Domestic freight forwarding


• IATA – International Air Transport Association
• Australian Trusted Trader (AEO)
• US Trade Treaty Defence approved “Intermediate Consignee” – Defence, ITAR & EAR compliant
• Dangerous goods certified
• AACA – Accredited Air Cargo Agent –
• Customs brokers license
• NCCC (Non-Commodity for Containerised Cargo Clearance)

Major Projects

  • Other

Other Projects

CAS has successfully delivered over 50 defence maritime, aerospace, land and space programmes.



  • Air and Space Transport
  • Other Transport, Postal and Warehousing
  • Postal and Courier Pick-up and Delivery Services
  • Rail Transport
  • Road Transport
  • Transport Services
  • Transport, Postal and Warehousing
  • Warehousing and Storage Services
  • Water Transport

Other Capabilities

All domestic and international logistics