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Margaret Graham Building
Lot Fourteen, Frome Road
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: +61 8 7320 1000


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Company Overview

The Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) is a leading defence industry association based in South Australia who is focused on connecting and supporting Australian defence industry to develop capability and increase industry’s competitiveness in defence markets. The mission of the DTC is to grow and scale Australia's defence industry sector.

DTC supports Australian defence industry and has a large membership including Prime Defence Contractors, Small-to-Medium Enterprises, Professional Service Providers and Academic Institutions that are involved in supplying and supporting Defence capability. DTC believes that Australia needs an innovative and sustainable defence industry – aligned to Australia’s strategic requirements and able to contribute to national economic activity.

Products and Services

• Targeted and personalised referrals to Primes and DTC members.
• Comprehensive company listing in the DTC Member Capability Guide.
• Discounted access to networking opportunities, supported by facilitated introductions at over 50 events held in Australia each year.
• Regular newsletters, bulletins and important industry updates.
• Free posting of member relevant news in DTC’s newsletters, bulletins and social media page.
• Domestic and major international trade show support.
• Up to 5 hours one-to-one Industry Facilitation per year of membership.
• Subscription to Defence Business magazine.

• Access to Defence Industry 101 Training.
• Quad chart development and review assistance.
• Advice on entering and navigating through the Defence Supply Chain.
• Discounted access to development workshops.
• Discounted access to the Defence Industry Leadership Program.
• Ongoing access to advice on Defence Supply Chain matters.


• Representation through relationships with relevant state and federal government ministers for Defence and defence industry, relevant shadow cabinet members and high ranking Defence officials.
• The DTC sits on numerous boards and environmental working groups in Australia’s defence sector to represent the interest of members including AI Group, CAG, ASDEFCON, Land and Maritime Environmental Working Groups and the Defence Council.
• Promote the maximisation of Australian Industrial Capability in Defence projects.


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