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Company Overview

One of Australia’s most progressive and innovative institutions, Flinders University has earned an international reputation for research that tackles real-world challenges and explores some of the truly fundamental questions of our time.

Flinders University works with some of the world’s foremost defence and technology companies,
ensuring its research is real-world tested and ready for commercial application.
As host to a suite of flagship national research centres, Flinders is engaged with universities and research
institutes in Australia and around the world, bringing together the finest minds to develop new technologies and practical solutions.

This is particularly evident in our impressive expertise in defence research and innovation.
Working alongside some of the world’s foremost defence and technology companies ensures that our research is real-world tested, ready for commercial application and able to make a difference.

Products and Services

Flinders University is working closely with Defence and defence industry across a range of disciplines.
Notably, Flinders Centre for Maritime Engineering is one of Australia’s leading research centres associated with autonomous maritime vehicles. Flinders Institute for Nanoscale, Science and Technology also works closely with Defence and industry on solving revolutionary real-world problems. Flinders’ Australian Industrial Transformation Institute together with our College of Science and Engineering are leading a range of research projects associated with major naval shipbuilding programs. This includes a multi-million joint research laboratory with ASC Shipbuilding to support the Hunter Class Frigate Program.
In 2020, the Australian Minister for Defence announced that Flinders will be the home of a new $5 million National EW Centre, further reinforcing Flinders growing reputation as a partner of choice for Defence and industry.

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