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Company Overview

MyModular, is world leading manufacturer and supplier of modular lighting and electrical solutions, proudly owned and operated in Adelaide, South Australia. We provide innovative turnkey electrical services to partners including Lend Lease, Multiplex, Ausco and multinational defence contractor BAE Systems.

Our electrical solutions simultaneously improve employee safety while reducing costs and environmental impact. For example, MyModular’s flagship extra low-voltage lighting solution: ELV Lite, uses 48VDC rather than the standard 240V. The products ‘safe working voltage’ reduce risk of dangerous electric shock, while also using 26% less power. Reduced installation time, due to safe working voltage also allows for ease of relocation as required. With over 10,000 units in operation within large scale commercial construction projects in Australia, MyModular are proud to provide lighting and electrical solutions that contribute to a higher standard of project safety and innovation.

Products and Services

MyModular’s products and services include:

• Modular switchboard connections including panel mount and female fly lead enablers
• Turnkey modular load centres

• Modular feeds
• Modular interconnecting leads
• Modular marshalling points
• Modular light and power

• Luminaire leads supplied to manufacturers
• Enabling sensors, switches etc.
• Modularising off the shelf power points
• Supply of turnkey accessories all pre-enabled

• Prefabrication of typical hardwired solutions
• Contract manufacture of others’ products
• Customised solutions to suit your needs

• Extra Low Voltage (48VDC), Australia’s safest temporary lighting solutions

Additional relevant product information:

– Offer Australia’s safest temporary lighting system
– System save hours in installation time and reduce risk of connection failure
– Robust system construction provides added value and convenience of easy project removal/reuse


ISO9001* in progress
LEAN and SIGMA 5 Trained personnel

Major Projects



  • Building Construction
  • Construction Services
  • Electrical Equipment Manufacturing