Company Overview

Plasteel SA has been a leading manufacturer for over 50 years and serves the defence, electronic, electrical, automotive, security, wine, sanitization, entertainment, rail, furniture, mining, government and local councils, medical, construction and transport industries, to name a few.

Our latest technology CNC machines and skilled workforce manufacture to high precision and quality. Our CAD/CAM design capability, MILSPEC welders/fabricators and in-house surface finishing and powder coating facilities provide a unique one-stop shop.

Our quality and reputation is important to us and we pride ourselves on serving you the customer to the best of our ability. At Plasteel SA we focus our resources and Business Management Systems to ensure every product meets exacting standards using first of, in process and final inspections.

Our specialist team of QA Inspectors are vital to this process. This level of dedication is attested to by our preferred supplier status with our customers, in particular the Australian Defence Industry.

Products and Services

CNC turret punching, CNC folding (2&5 Axis) 4100L and 220Tonne, NC guillotining, cutting, CNC laser cutting, part marking, CNC machining, milling (4Axis) and lathe work with auto bar feeder, MIG and TIG Welding to MILSPEC standard, spot welding, grinding, linishing, Haegar Heavy Duty fastener inserts, powder coating and surface finishing, prototyping and one-of specialists, project management and 3D CAD/CAM design services, a true one-stop-shop using our highly skilled and flexible management team and tradespersons.

Commercial products – PicPerf panels, electronic/electrical/security enclosures and cabinets, all stainless works, playground equipment, signage, fittings and panels for sanitary, furniture, air conditioning enclosures, HVAC specialists, farming machinery, animal traps.

Defence – MILSPEC welding, HVAC specialists, flanges, brackets, enclosures, cab seating, toolboxes, all vehicle and marine components, prototyping, ITARS work, High Tol works.


DRSS (Defence recognised supplier)
CDR (Commercial Defence Ready)
Member of the DTC (Defence Teaming Centre)
Member of Engineering Employers Association of SA (AI Group)
Awarded many government commendations
National Manufacturer of the Year 2017 Winner
National Manufacturer of the Year 2019 Finalist
National SME of the Year 2020 Finalist
MILSPEC welding and fabrication
Third party defence customer appointed Quality Inspection

Major Projects

Other Projects

Main Supplier to ALSAV upgrade with GDLS, M113 APC upgrade with BAE, AWD project with ASC, various special forces and ITARS works for Iraq and Afghanistan and many other smaller defence projects such as ESSM Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile programme, Nulka Missile Decoy system, Bar Armour and many others for majority of defence primes such as BAE, GDLS, ASC, Raytheon, Rheinmetall, SAAB, SAGE Defence, Thales, and others.



  • Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
  • Other Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
  • Other Manufacturing
  • Primary Metal and Metal Product Manufacturing
  • Specialised Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
  • Transport Equipment Manufacturing

Other Capabilities

HVAC production specialists, prototyping specialists, high precision sheetmetal engineering and fabrication.