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19 Hayman Retreat
Craigburn Farm SA 5051
Phone: +61 434 144 614


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Company Overview

SABRN Health Pty Ltd is a purpose-driven Australian Med-Tech Company that is changing the patient care paradigm by developing transportable mini-ED Pods (E-Lifepods) that have significantly greater diagnostic, monitoring, and therapeutic capability compared to traditional ambulances.

Application of the E-Lifepods will include active combat areas, as 1:4 soldiers killed in action during the Iraq-Afghanistan conflicts were preventable deaths. The advanced clinical capabilities within the E-Lifepods, combined with the transportability as a payload on manned or unmanned vehicles, allow the Pod to be used on land, sea, air, and space platforms.

The E-Lifepod is an Australian product that has over a dozen Australian SMEs directly involved in its development, and has the potential of being a major exportable product providing healthcare to patients around the world.

Products and Services

SABRN’s E-Lifepod is an advanced transportable medical capability with better diagnostic, monitoring, and treatment options, with applications within the civilian, defence and space sectors.



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Other Capabilities

SABRN is developing an advanced transportable health capability (E-Lifepod), with collaborations from over 12 Australian SMEs involved in its development.