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117a Tapleys Hill Road
Hendon SA 5014
Phone: +61 8 8347 0603


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Company Overview

TQCSI is regarded as the most professional ISO certification body in the world. Our objective is to provide a reliable, no nonsense and simple auditing and certification process for organisations to achieve certification and continual improvement. TQCSI certify management systems in 40+ countries throughout Australia, the Pacific, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and North America.


As one of the first Certification Bodies (CBs) to be JAS-ANZ accredited 25+ years ago, we enjoy an unlimited scope of JAS-ANZ accreditation, allowing us to certify any industry for a wide range of ISO and Australian Standards. TQCSI is also accredited by ANAB for ISO 9001, and the aviation, space and defence (ASD) Standards: AS9100, 9110 & AS 9120.



  • Defence
  • Management and Related Consulting Services
  • Regulatory Services