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5 Laffer Drive
Sir Mark Oliphant Building, Level 3B
Bedford Park SA 5042
Phone: 0419822826


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Company Overview

Developer and manufacturer of true 3D volumetric displays. These displays can be used for collaborative viewing of battlespace simulations, mission planning, engineering design verification, complex maintenance, bathymetry, topography, airspace movements, full DIS messaging integration for real-time feeds – all visualisations can be observed by multiple parties and the same time without any head-gear of special glasses.

Products and Services

Volumetric true 3D displays

Custom software integration

Prototype development

Custom display development

Major Projects


  • Architectural, Engineering and Technical Services
  • Computer and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
  • Machinery and Equipment Maintenance
  • Other Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
  • Specialised Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
  • Tertiary Education