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Acacia Systems2020-12-10T11:16:03+10:30

Founder and Chairman Ted Huber was always attracted to the intellectual challenge that was presented by Defence problems. Now, Acacia Systems is one of Australia’s leading defence software and systems engineering companies.

The company prides itself on having a deep understanding of problem spaces within the industry and being able to translate complex theories into practical solutions to fill those spaces.

The company has enjoyed consistent growth since setting up as a small research company with a focus on Electro Optic and Electronic Warfare algorithms and is always on the lookout for smart people with a desire to tackle difficult problems to join their team.

With the major defence programs based in South Australia the future is very bright. This coupled with the newfound understanding of the importance of sovereign industry capability augers well for SA defence SMEs.

Ted Huber, Founder and Chairman, Acacia Systems