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Cold Logic was founded in 1984 from a need for additional industrial refrigeration maintenance capacity in the wine industry. Soon they had requests by existing and prospective clients to provide services in the contracting area as well, which included the design, manufacture and installation of new plant and equipment.

In 2017 after a successful upgrade project with ASC on the Collins maintenance work, the company identified the need for an Australian specialist to supply to Defence and to the defence industry and founded their defence division.

Since then, Cold Logic has continued to expand in this area, signing a partnership MoU with for the supply of provision refrigeration on the Hunter Class Frigates.

South Australia has a critical mass of both primes and SMEs that interact on a regular basis. This dialogue is unique, certainly in Australia if not the world! SMEs like Cold Logic are able to talk to the right people right at our doorstep and there is a common desire to achieve positive outcomes for all involved.

Dr Michael Riese, Business Development Manager Defence & Research, Cold Logic