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Daronmont Technologies has grown from just 4 employees when it started in 1998 to 100. The company has grown from looking to commercialise Defence Science Technology technology to diversify into RAAF Air Defence and ISREW products.

As an SME, Daronmont have been able to secure a high proportion of their work as a Prime contractor to CASG and they have an extensive capability for their relative size.

Daronmont are proud of their Australian ownership and focus on employing graduates, with the access to quality engineers and continued and strong support from the South Australian Government high on their list of advantages for doing business in South Australia.

South Australia continues to provide opportunities for our company to grow and recruit local talent to meet our customers demanding needs. Our future is tied to our ability to collaborate with like-minded entities that will allow us to collectively take advantage of the multitude of opportunities emerging in the state.

Ben Norris, CEO Daronmont Technologies