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PMB was first established in South Australia as the logical site for the delivery of battery systems to the Collins class submarine program, given the location of the submarine construction facility at Osborne. PMB began as a local manufacturer to a licensed design sourced from offshore.

In the last decade, as they targeted a role in the Attack class submarine program, PMB invested in people and assets to transform the company into arguably the world-leader in submarine battery design and manufacture. Throughout this process, they were able to grow their engineering capability from virtually non-existent to now more than 40 staff who specialise in all elements of submarine battery design.

PMB is one of two companies contracted by Naval Group to design a lead-acid based system for the Attack class submarine program. They now own equipment and designs for submarines in the UK, Canada, Sweden and the Australian Collins class submarine.

The South Australian defence industry is well-positioned to benefit from the significant investment that the Australian Government is making in sovereign capability. The key ingredients for success for South Australia’s defence industry include a long-term focus and strategy to generate export markets to supplement Australian sales.

Stephen Faulkner, CEO, PMB Defence

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