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REDARC Electronics was established in 1979 as an Australian-owned, advanced manufacture which now employs over 350 staff. The company manufactures electronic solutions for the automotive, transport, mining and defence industries.

After making the strategic decision to enter the Australian and global defence market in 2016, REDARC now has a number of strategic partnerships across the defence industry.

In 2019 the company established REDARC Defence Systems, a dedicated business to meet the growing needs of the defence industry. REDARC is now supplying battery monitoring and power management solutions to defence platforms globally.

Industry 4.0 brings with it the exciting advancement of interconnectivity between devices, equipment, tools, visualisation systems, and their human users within the REDARC manufacturing system. Through this highly skilled deployment, I am confident that REDARC will continue to support the development of our Defence customer supply chains.

Anthony Kittel, Owner & Managing Director, Redarc Electronics