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The SAGE Group, a global industrial services provider combining digital technology, process and capability, started in the backyard shed of founder Andrew Downs. He was soon joined by a team of engineers and tradespeople, many of whom still form SAGE Group’s leadership team. The company first entered the defence industry after being invited to upgrade the airfield lighting at RAAF Base Edinburgh, Amberley, Tindal, Williamtown, Townsville and Sherger.

The company has carefully developed four specialist business units – SAGE Automation, Nukon, Embedded Expertise and Skills Lab – all offering end-to-end support for digital transformation. Skills Lab has provided training to the Defence industry for many years around Automation technology.

South Australia’s defence industry has been provided a strong pipeline of opportunities for SAGE Group, as well as support and advocacy provided by defence industry organisations such as the Defence Teaming Centre, Defence SA and Centre for Defence Industry Capability.

SAGE is looking forward to continuing the growth of our workforce and capability within the defence industry in South Australia. Our plan is to leverage the success of 10 years’ worth of experience within the defence industry with a view to maximising opportunities with future Defence programs in the state, such as Hunter Class Frigates and JORN to name a few.

Andrew Downs, Founder and Executive Director, SAGE Group