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Driven by a determination to establish a new defence industry business that would allow them to translate their innovative passive radar technology into real-world capability, James Palmer and Simon Palumbo co-founded Silentium Defence in 2017 as the first Defence, Science and Technology Group spin-out in more than 30 years.

In the four years since, Silentium Defence has grown to a team of more than 20 and has transitioned from an R&D project-funded organisation to a product-based business.

The company builds tailored systems that harness the power of passive radar technology to enable detection of objects in any environment without being detected – the ability to ‘see without being seen’.

Our mission is to create a new era in object detection, tracking and insight – to better help our customers protect what matters when it matters most. To achieve that mission on a global scale using local skills, local talent and locally designed and developed technology is what we’re looking forward to – a future where we help put South Australian defence industry capability even more prominently on the map.

Dr James Palmer, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Silentium Defence.